the ice is melting


2015-02-08 14.39.47

First sights of spring, yay:)

Dog and I had a fun day out in the moor the other day.

While he jumped from puddle to puddle, I tried not to get too wet and dirty (failed) and to hunt for nice pics of all those little plants and mosses that townspeople like me have never seen before.


2015-02-09 15.13.31

2015-02-08 16.46.28

2015-02-05 15.47.37

2015-02-08 14.13.07

2015-02-08 14.12.29





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colourchart #6 – time to dance


Time to dance colourchart HERE.

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life lately


IMG_5347I’m in love with my sukkulent. It blooms and blooms and never stops.
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2015-02-24 14.16.47
Dog is not happy.
He’s back in Berlin now and has to pretend he was well educated.

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random internet favorites:

his first flight
wild animal rain
soon back in town (no, i’m not going)
seen at M&S // lol // they’re everywhere right now
I’d take all of it
maybe I should give knitting a chance..
Aww. Eddi’s Wheels for pets. (“we test our products on animals”)

My days just don’t have enough hours.

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